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The Renewable Energy Challenge

A reliable and robust electrical system in any country requires a balanced and diversified portfolio of energy supply options. Scientists report that, only .2 percent of the energy contained in the ocean would be enough to power the earth over five times over. Ocean wave energy represents a vast renewable energy resource which has not yet been adequately evaluated as far as its potential to add to our portfolio of energy supply options.

The best available wave energy converter technologies are limited by their low energy conversion rates, high cost of delivered electricity, and requirement for very high wave states for effective operation. The existing point absorber, overtopping, oscillating water column, and wave attenuator models do not have the theoretic potential to reach energy conversion rates over 20 - 25% and therefore become competitive with burning fossil fuels.

One key reason for these setbacks is that most wave energy technology only makes use of the vertical (rise and fall) component of the wave energy and does not take full advantage of the horizontal kinetic energy.

Kinetic Wave Power LLC has developed an innovative hybrid wave energy conversion technology that makes use of the vertical and horizontal energy components to significantly raise energy conversion rates. These higher wave energy conversion rates will lead to a lower cost per kWh to to deliver electric power to the grid and make wave energy competitive with buring fossil fuels.

The PowerGin Hybrid Overtopping Wave Energy Converter

This wave energy converter makes use of the engineering principles from state-of-the-art overtopping wave energy conversion technology to rotate a dual rotor system and convert wave energy directly into continuous rotary motion.

It also captures a significant amount of horizontal kinetic energy contained in the wave by using a wave ramp. The wave ramp re-directs forward water movement into a cresting wave which contributes to turning the rotors.

This higher efficiency wave energy converter lowers the delivered cost of electricity.




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