Kinetic Wave Power is Using Ocean Wave Energy to Make Clean Electricity

The Kinetic Wave Power Hybrid Overtopping Wave Technology Converts Wave Energy into Electricity at a Higher Rate of Efficiency than Available Technology

Kinetic Wave Power LLC (KWP) is a technology company that was formed to commercialize a new, patented and innovative wave energy technology called the PowerGin™. More than five years of development and testing this new technology has resulted in a high efficiency wave energy converter.

The PowerGin™ wave energy converter (WEC) uses engineering principles from state-of-the-art over topping wave technology to capture the vertical energy and rotate an innovative dual rotor system and convert wave energy into continuous rotary motion. It will also capture a significant amount of horizontal kinetic energy contained in the wave by using a wave ramp to transform horizontal kinetic energy into a useable form. Using both forms of wave energy, vertical and horizontal, allows much greater energy conversion efficiency than existing WEC technology and allows operation in moderate wave resource areas like Southern California and the Eastern Seaboard. This higher efficiency wave energy converter will lower the delivered cost of electricity.

The core technology has been developed, tested and created by founder and Vice President of Technology, James A. Sack. James is a seasoned design engineer and successful inventor with over 40 American and International patents credited to him.

According to Jim, " My dream is that the PowerGin™ technology will be used to enable the full utilization of the ocean as a completely renewable and green energy resource for the US and other countries who need electric power to improve their lives."

Wave energy has lower "opening" or start up costs than wind did 25 years ago, lower current cost than solar photo voltaic and the potential to become one of our least cost generating options over time. The first commercial wave farm was connected to the grid in Europe last year with others being planned. These commercial successes mark the emergence of a new and potentially low cost producing electric industry. The rising tide of the wave energy industry elevates KWP by demonstrating the economic possibilities, creating shared industry technology in mooring and connectivity and especially in the lessons learned database of how to survive the ocean environment.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting new technology and to "Catch the Wave" in support Kinetic Wave Power.



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