The Carbon Trust supports the development of low carbon technologies, and helps business and the public sector cut carbon emissions.

The U.S. Department of Energy - DOE

Official Energy Statistics from the U. S. Government

EnergyOcean is the world's leading event focusing on renewable and sustainable energy from the oceans and is the primary education platform and networking event for key players in the industry. Attendees will learn of the latest technological advances, investment opportunities, regulatory issues, and planned and implemented projects around the world.


EPRI has identified several issues that transcend the boundaries of a single industry or technology – challenging us to create a research and development portfolio that can solve our most exacting problems, meet our greatest needs and define our highest aims.

NREL is a national laboratory of the U. S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

The Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC) is the national trade association for the marine renewable energy industry in the United States.

The Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG) aligns industry, academia and government to ensure that Canada is a leader in providing ocean energy solutions to a world market.

The Coordinated Action on Ocean Energy Project – (CA-OE) has been established and supported by funding from European Commission Sixth Framework Research Programme for Energy Environment and Sustainable Development. The main objective of this Coordinated Action is to develop a common knowledge base necessary for coherent development of R&D Policies in Europe, the dissemination of this knowledge base and promotion of ocean energy technologies.


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