Why Wave Power?


PowerGin™ Technology Advantage

Kinetic Wave Power LLC has recieved patents covering the design and manufacture the PowerGin™ wave energy conversion technology. It is with the succesful track record of Jim Sack's previous inventions and design validation from outside marine engineering consultants that give us the confidence to list the following advantages of our technology:

  1. Lower delivered electricity cost – We use our own patented technology to capture both the kinetic energy and the wave energy contained in the ocean. Based on the high energy conversion rates relative to other wave energy technologies, we believe that our goal to be the low cost energy provider is attainable.

  2. Proven technology – Every element of the PowerGin™ makes use of long proven technology. Energy capture units, rotor consturction and power take off equipment is readily available and highly serviceable. The average plant maintenance department in will be able to keep our Wave Power Parks™ up and running at peak efficiency.

  3. We can make use of a wide range of wave states – our design is more dependent on the total kinetic energy contained in the moving water than it is on average wave height. This advantage allows us to place our power conversion devices in areas that may not have been considered viable in the past.

  4. Structural and weatherable – at the beginning of a storm the PowerGin™ generator will make use of the increased wave energy by producing electricity at a greater rate. When the storm activity becomes so great the PowerGin™ submerges itself using the wave ramp as a dive plane.

  5. Low profile – The PowerGin™ wave energy converters sit very low in the water. At 1-3 miles from the shoreline and 4 - 5ft of the rotor above the water line, it will be virtually invisable to the unaided eye.

  6. Safe to operate from an environment, worker and marine life view point. The PowerGin™ is not combustible and marine life will not be threatened by coming into contact with it. All electrical connections use existing technology and are designed to avoid random or uncontrolled electric discharge to avoid any potential for shock. Industry standard LED lighting, radar reflectors and other industry standard equipment will be used to warn vessels.

  7. Scalable – The PowerGin™ power generators are modular. You can have one, two or many on a single site. The most economical use of this technology is to create Wave Power Parks™ that are able to plug into the main electrical grid.

  8. Fast to construct – The rotors, power take of and other parts of thePowerGin™ are constructed at centers of excellence for that particular part and often use outside suppliers with experience in that field. Final assembly is done near the deployment site. Deployment is straightforward and uses specialized ships for deployment.

  9. No pollution – We produce zero CO2, no sulfur emissions, no toxic waste, have no fire potential and the generators are quiet.

  10. Low impact mooring - we use proven single point slack mooring technology that makes minimal impact on the ocean floor.

  11. Steady power generation – The Ocean is never still. Waves are highly predictable and the energy contained within the water is very dense. This provides us with a steady supply of renewable energy.

  12. Renewable – If you have ever been to the ocean then you must have marveled at the power and consistency of the waves. We don’t pay for this energy but we can make use of it. Two thirds of the earth is covered with this vast resource. The ocean is the ultimate green renewable energy resource.

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