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Why Wave Energy?

Why Wave Energy Power Now?

Wave energy has lower 'opening' or start up costs than wind did 25-30 years ago, lower current costs than solar photo voltaic and the potential to become one of our least cost generating options over time. According to industry experts .2% of the energy contained in the ocean has the ability to power the entire earth’s existing electricity needs more than 5 times over. The first commercial wave farm was connected to the grid in Europe last year with others being planned. These commercial successes mark the emergence of a new and potentially low cost producing electric industry. The rising tide of the wave energy industry elevates Kinetic Wave Power by demonstrating the economic possibilities, creating shared industry technology in mooring and connectivity and especially in the lessons learned database.

The Source of the PowerGin™ Wave Energy Efficiency Gains

The goal of the PowerGin™ technology is to be THE most efficient wave energy converter in the industry. We get efficiency gains from several sources during the process of converting wave energy to electricity. Here are some of the important sources:

  1. We create continuous rotary motion from the start. Many other wave technologies create reciprocal energy which much be converted to rotary motion to be useful.
  2. The arraignment of our energy capture units or buckets was inspired by the hydro electric turbines which reach efficiencies of over 90%. The pattern and density of the buckets are a large part of our conversion efficiency.
  3. We use a wave ramp to re-direct the swirling forward moving kinetic energy into our buckets. This increases the percentage of the useful energy that is available for power conversion.
  4. Slack mooring allows free movement of the PowerGin™ to orient itself in the best most productive manner.
  5. Power take off equipment is designed to use commonly available equipment which has been refined by the wind power industry. Each rotor can house two power take off units for maximum efficiency.
  6. Stringing more than one PowerGin™ together creates a Wave Power Park™ and allows us to spread the cost of undersea cable over a greater number of mega watts. At ~$1M per mile, this is a large fixed cost to overcome. We expect each PowerGin™ to be sized in the 10 - 20 MW range.
  7. The buckets bold on and off for low cost maintenance.

Wave Power is Super Concentrated Solar Power

The sun heats the air differentially. This temperature gradient creates wind. The wind blows across the ocean and creates waves. Waves are about 25 times more energy dense or concentrated than the original form of solar energy. The energy density is key to making wave energy the low cost electricity producer because the high density allows the sizing of wave energy converters for much greater output which lowers the cost of construction.

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